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Business Owners Could be Overpaying for Dental Insurance

posted on July 22, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan


According to a survey conducted by the ADA Health Policy Institute, while nearly all U.S. adults value oral health, only 37% actually visit the dentist annually, and 63% of respondents did not visit the dentist in 2015. The top reason that adults gave for not visiting the dentist is due to cost.

Dental Insurance Not Always the Answer

Another brief from the ADA Health Policy Institute found that consumers are paying more in premiums and co-payments for dental insurance than the benefits are worth. Unfortunately, total copayments and premiums for private insurance exceed the market value of dental care for nearly 70% of adults. In the study patients ages 19 to 64 were found to spend an average of $492 to $785 annually.

ADA Health Policy Institute reasons why not go to dentist

What About Employer Funded Plans?

Employees often don’t realize they are given benefits in lieu of higher salaries, so in reality they are not free and often come with large out of pocket expenses anyway.  Using the above utilization, businesses providing dental insurance could be overpaying for dental benefits by as much as 70%.  With a Smile Advantage dental savings plan, business owners can reimburse employees for the cost of the plan along with a set amount of benefit for additional treatment if needed, offering significant savings for the employer and the employee. Calculate the savings that result from switching to Smile Advantage dental savings plan vs. dental insurance.

A better alternative to dental insurance, the Smile Advantage dental savings plan is beneficial for employers as well as patients avoiding the dentist due to cost, limits, or caps. With one fixed fee, patients can enjoy routine annual exams, cleanings, all necessary x-rays, emergency care, extended savings from a growing list of area specialists as well as deeply discounted fees on any other treatment that may be needed.

The ADA Health Policy Institute outlined the dental insurance problem and the Smile Advantage dental savings plan is the solution.

Source: ADA Health Policy Institute

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