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The Associated Press is Just Pulling Your Teeth

posted on August 4, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan

Smile Advantage Plan Weighs on Flossing

According to a recent Associated Press (AP) story, there is not sufficient evidence to prove that daily flossing prevents the development of cavities, severe periodontal disease or plaque buildup. The media is grasping for sensational headlines like “Guilty No More: Flossing Doesn’t Work” and “No Dental Floss? No Problem” deeming the flossing myth busted.

We heard from many of our Smile Advantage member offices, including Dr. Jeff Sindelar with Oakville Dental Care, who said:

“If I were going to put together a bug out bag and had to choose between floss and a toothbrush, I’d choose the floss. In addition to saving my teeth and reducing my chances of heart disease and diabetes, it also has amazing tensile strength to tie things up.”

With that settled there is a real myth that needs to be busted.

You Need Dental Insurance to Visit the Dentist

You don’t need dental insurance to go to the dentist, but you do need to floss in order to avoid going more often. There is a popular misconception that you need insurance to go to a dentist. Feeding into this myth is the belief that going to the dentist without insurance is cost prohibitive. 70% of adults overpay on copayments and premiums for private dental insurance.2*

While insurance companies may treat you like a number and put many restrictions on the care you can receive, that is not the case with Smile Advantage!  The Smile Advantage Plan is better than dental insurance as there are no yearly maximums, waiting periods, frequencies, or limitations.  For a low cost yearly fee, patients can receive the preventative care they need and deserve with additional discounts on any other dental work they may need or want – definitely NOT how dental insurance plans work!

Businesses can save money by waiting to reimburse their employees until they utilize their benefits rather than paying for insurance that statistically goes unused (Calculate dental benefits savings for your business). A recent study shows that only 37% of adults visit the dentist annually.2*

The Smile Advantage dental savings plan allows you to be in control of your oral health and keeps the relationship between you and your dentist, not an insurance bean counter. Click here to find a participating office and start receiving the care you deserve at a price you can afford!

1* According to the ADA Health Policy Institute
2* – Plan inclusions and details vary by office

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