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My goal before I retired was to drop Delta Dental. After signing on with Smile Advantage in July 2017, I finally decided to drop Delta in January 2018. My in-office membership program gave me the courage to do this, as I now had an alternative to offer my patients to turn to. In evaluating my practice numbers for 2018, my practice was just as profitable without Delta and one of the main reasons for that is due to my Smile Advantage membership program. The program allowed my team and I to work smarter, not harder, and to deliver the care to our patients that they need and deserve at a very affordable price, without the limitations of dental insurance.
Dr. M.H. Peters, Jr.
Houston, TX
Our office started using the Smile Advantage Membership program in January 2017. We did Modify our program in 2018, as we were a little too rich in our initial offering. But, that highlights the beauty of Smile Advantage – being able to customize the program to your office’s particular needs and modify as needed.

We have found Smile Advantage to be a great tool to offer our patients without insurance. Over 90% of our patients have renewed for subsequent years. Would the patients have scheduled without Smile Advantage? Some yes, others no. We have found that our patients value the discount on their restorative work and believe it motivates them to move forward with treatment. We are so glad to have this option available for our patients.

Katie and her team have been excellent to work with - responsive and helpful when we need something. They not only helped us establish our program, but with their ongoing support, it requires very little effort on our part.
Dr. John & Peggy Flucke
The Smile Advantage Program has been great for our practice and our patients! After 1 year of offering the membership program, we had 134 patients sign up. These are loyal patients, who are coming in regularly for their appointments and accepting more treatment because of the discounts. In 1 year, having this program in our practice has generated new revenues of $182,000, which we couldn’t be happier about!
Dr. Brian Caesar/Angie Coffey
Dentistry at University Pointe
Membership Programs are a competitive edge that every practice should implement.
You are really missing out if you don’t!
Teresa Duncan
Dental Consultant – Odyssey Management
The insurance companies are like a hostile taking over your business.  They know they have you – if you drop them, patients will drop you.  Therefore, they can do whatever they want and it’s getting more challenging playing their game.  Membership programs allow you to shift away from being so dependent on dental insurance and not lose your patients
Dr. J. Michael Williams
New Albany, IN
Membership programs are one of the most important opportunities for growth in a dental practice. It’s a way for us to combat increasing dental insurance pressures and switching the conversations with our patients. I’ve had many offices try to do membership programs on their own without much traction. When they use Smile Advantage, their membership programs grow exponentially.
Alex J.
IN Patterson Rep
Dental membership programs, offered by private practices, are becoming one of the most popular and practical methods of care. Many people have lost their job-related dental benefits or can no longer afford skyrocketing premiums. Retirees are also searching for cost-saving opportunities.

Our experience with our in-office membership program has been very positive. Our patients are grateful to have an affordable option that enables them to continue to take the best possible care of their teeth and gums and remain a patient in our practice. Many patients who have left and come back have said that corporate practices can be impersonal and aggressive, this allows them never to have to leave
Dr. Esther Lewkowicz
Springs Dental
We recently started offering our in-office membership program and have lots of patients who are interested and excited about signing up. Patients are excited about a “different” type of option to turn to instead of dental insurance. Plus, they love the idea of the program being offered by our office, people they trust.
Dr. Cameron Francis
McKinney, TX
Smile Advantage takes all the guesswork out of creating an in-office membership program on your own. From every angle – legal documents, marketing strategies and resources, implementation and software tracking, training and ongoing support, and awesome vendor benefits – Smile Advantage has it all covered!
April M.
IN Patterson Rep
In-office membership programs are a no brainer for patients without insurance. It’s reassuring for patients to know they can pay up front for the year and not be asked to pay for routine visits every time they come in. Patients are appreciative to have another option to turn to other than traditional dental insurance. And, it’s a model we love signing our patients up on, as we have found that it helps with patient retention and better case acceptance.
Dr. Jill Sentlingar
Prosper Family Dentistry
A number of my offices have implemented membership programs and are having great success with them. The number of people signing up for these plans are increasing and the patients are extremely happy with the programs because of known costs for their dentistry. These programs are a real win/win for everyone.
Terry E.
IA Patterson Rep
In the face of an ever-shifting insurance landscape, membership programs are a bright spot that all dentists should consider offering in their practices!
Dr. Erik Zundo
Zundo Family Dentistry
Implementing a membership program within our practice was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. It’s a win/win for our practice and our patients. Patients love saving money and are motivated to accept more treatment.
Dr. George Lindner
Old Town Dental Group