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Supporting Operation Food Search with The Dave Glover Show

posted on December 19, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan

971 Dave Glover and Smile Advantage Dental Savings Plan

Program Director, Katie Franklin, stopped by Operation Food Search at Espinos, Friday 12/16.

Listen to Katie explain the benefits of a Dental Savings Plan

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Level Up Your Marketing

posted on December 5, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan


Our new Marketing Tiers, that our partners at 4Site Digital have created, are here! With these tiers, you’ll be able to get more out of your Smile Advantage Membership and optimize your online presence. Click HERE to view the different marketing tiers. Call 1-866-845-2995 to learn more.

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Stronger Together

posted on September 19, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan


Marketing campaigns, a partnership with Direct Reimbursement and awareness of SmileAdvantage couldn’t happen without your involvement. Now, let’s do it bigger, let’s do it better! Invite your colleagues, fellow GP’s and Specialists to learn more about SmileAdvantage and to join with us. With our referral program, you can receive a free month of membership for each referral. Have them call the office 866-845-2995 or visit one of these upcoming seminars…

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Independent Dental Savings Plans

posted on June 14, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan

Recently featured by Summit Dental Practice Solutions guest expert Dr. Alan Wickenhauser wrote ” A Little Hard Work” about how in-house dental plans can help your independent dental office compete against corporate offices.

A Little Hard Work

My dad told me once when I was a child that “hard work pays off”.   We have all heard that saying, I’m sure, and in most applications in life it seems to hold true. As a dental professional of over 18 years, I have adopted that principle for building my private practice and growing my professional career in speaking, writing, and as an inventor.

However, the last few years, this “hard work pays off” doesn’t seem to be in the field of fair play. As we have seen more and more family pharmacies erode to the corporate take-over of Walgreens and Walmart, we too, as independent dentists, are seeing the flock of corporate dental offices pop-up all around us. The resources of these large corporates out-match our ability to market like they do or to leverage their deal making to control their overhead. They understand business very well.

Many of us likely just went to dental school, but were we ever introduced to a business school? Now, you may say experience has helped me understand business tools for my office. True, but they execute it better. They have more resources than you. They have formal training in business systems. They simply have that advantage. And in the course of marketing and implementing their corporate profile, they gobble up patients and gobble some more.

Now, I still believe hard work is a principle to any successful individual but perhaps we can look at my dad’s advice and revise it? We are all dentists but under that hat of science, we are entrepreneurs. We dream. We are creative. We understand our craft. In its principle, efficient work is not necessarily hard work. We need to be smarter and look to the benefits, as independent dentists, we have over these corporate dental shops.  Continue reading on Summit Practice Solutions


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Dental insurance isn’t working…How do we fix it?

posted on June 2, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan


Have you noticed in your Practice that over the past few years insurance write-offs are increasing at alarming rates? Patients are noticing major changes as well.

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