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Dental Savings Plan for Your Practice

New revenue through new and existing patients.

In-Office Dental Savings Plan?

If you are looking to add an in-office dental savings plan to your practice, consider Smile Advantage. Below you will find information about the benefits Smile Advantage can have for both your practice and your patients.

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Smile Advantage Plan Benefits For Your Practice:

Offices Will Receive:

  • High impact marketing campaigns.
  • Inclusion into our optimized website and social media platforms.
  • Customized marketing material and contract packets.

Offices Will Receive:

  • Our network of service providers will extend discounts of 10% or more.
  • Specialists available to patients at discounted rates.

Offices Will Receive:

  • Implementation and setup with the top dental patient software programs.
  • Referral to recurring billing system.
  • Customer support from Smile Advantage team.

Offices Will Receive:

  • Fully trademarked and copy written materials plus customized patient contracts.

For More Information

Join us in offering this exciting dental savings plan in your office.

The Smile Advantage Plan is backed by proven success and we assure you that you’ll see incredible revenue growth all while providing a much needed community service.

Your Doctor’s office will receive access to our full suite of benefits for low monthly fee. As updates and additional benefits become available, you’ll receive them at no charge for the lifetime of your continued membership.

Recruit Patients, Retain Patients, Increase Compliance:

Join us by offering Smile Advantage in your office and we know that you will see success. The offices that participate in Smile Advantage see dramatic results in increases in new patients, the retention of existing patients and increases in overall patient compliance. The benefits found through this easily offset the monthly joining fee. Read below for more on what we have found you can expect to see if your office: