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Dental insurance isn’t working…How do we fix it?

posted on June 2, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan


Have you noticed in your Practice that over the past few years insurance write-offs are increasing at alarming rates? Patients are noticing major changes as well.

Waiting periods, denial of benefits, disputes about what is covered and pre-existing condition limitations are keeping your patients from receiving much needed, recommended care. Add to that increasing premiums for the few remaining quality self-insured plans and decreasing coverage from employers…patients are feeling it and along the way they are losing access to quality dental care. And, you may have noticed that you are losing great patients because of the mindset that insurance is needed in order to come to your office. Have you been asked recently by a patient what insurance they should buy when they are being faced with losing their current plan? Do you feel comfortable offering them a solution that benefits them and your Practice?

I started an in-office membership plan to give my patients an affordable solution. They receive the preventative care they need and I provide that care without having to ask the insurance company for permission—a no brainer.

And what’s even more amazing is that I hear patients say “yes” to care now more than ever. For example, I never realized the frequency at which patients denied X-rays because of insurance limitations. Last week, three different patients came in and agreed to a full series of radiographs after denying them for years. I honestly don’t know why they denied them for years—they had insurance from their employers all that time? But, last week they paid for SmileAdvantage at my office. X-rays are included in the price of membership. Maybe now they felt that since they paid for it they might as well take advantage. Who knows? What I do know is that each of these patients had recurrent caries under crowns and along interproximal root surfaces. I see that they are on the schedule in the weeks to come to take care of the problem areas.

No barriers from Insurance = Patients say Yes = Able to Diagnose = Treatment Acceptance = Simple!

In office membership works in my practice and it works for my patients that are desperately searching for a plan that makes sense. Don’t spend time battling with insurance companies. Provide your patients with a solution and focus on caring for them. Develop an in-office membership plan.

Learn what an in-office membership plan entails and how dentists are coming together to offer this solution by way of SmileAdvantage. Visit

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