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Practice Resolution for the New Year. Designing a Dental Savings Plan for Your Practice in 2017.

posted on January 29, 2017 by Smile Advantage Plan

Your patients and people in your community are looking for access to quality, affordable dental care. Did you know that 46% of the population lacks dental insurance and that number continues to rise? And, a lot of patients, who have dental insurance, are very frustrated with the high premiums and lack of coverage they are receiving.

Smile Advantage is a great option or alternative for these people to turn to. We are so proud to announce that we have quality dentists and specialists in 15 different states now offering the Smile Advantage Plan. We are excited to continue to expand across the nation, helping dentists to design and market a plan that they can make available to their communities. What a great way for dentists to provide a very valuable patient service while positioning their practices to remain profitable and marketable through the evolving profession of dentistry.

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