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Just Added: New Exciting Website Features to Promote your Practice

posted on June 1, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan


Our new website launched last month and we have seen increased traffic to our new site. With that being said, we would like to encourage Smile Advantage providers and even your patients to provide us with written or verbal testimonials on how well this Plan is working and what you like about it.

We would love to post these testimonials on our website for new prospect dentists or patients to read all this positive feedback. Many of our participating offices have shared such wonderful success stories with us and we would love to turn these into formal testimonials we can use to promote Smile Advantage and the practices across the nation that are having so much success from this great Plan. If you or any of your patients would like to provide us with a testimonial, please let us know. Written ones can be submitted to [email protected] Or, if you are up for doing a verbal recording, please let us know and we will arrange to make this happen at a convenient time for you. This will not only help to better promote Smile Advantage but will give you the opportunity to be highlighted on our website as well.
We would strongly encourage all of you to continue to measure the success Smile Advantage is having for your Practice. We continue to hear on a daily basis all the ways this Plan is truly making offices more successful. From patient retention, to increased treatment acceptance, to patient reactivation – all these factors are ways offices are seeing immediate success from offering Smile Advantage. Not to mention, they are also able to convert insurance dependent patients over to Smile Advantage, thus increasing their number of fee for service patients and shifting their practice away from the hassles of managed care. Plus, offices are seeing more new patients from all the marketing efforts. Offices have been very creative in finding unique ways to promote their practice and this great plan – talking with small businesses in their immediate community, participating in community events, sponsoring Chamber luncheons, open houses, etc. In addition to these efforts, Smile Advantage is also helping to market all the practices involved as well. We have included all participating offices on our search engine optimized website and social media elements, including Facebook and Twitter, to better brand offices and enhance their digital presence. We are spending money on remarketing as well, to position Smile Advantage in front of a large online audience.
Finally, we are excited to announce that Smile Advantage is working to create customized landing pages for all practices involved. These customized landing pages will allow viewers to learn more about your practice, your team, your hours, the services you offer, and how you are offering Smile Advantage. In addition, the other major benefit is that these landing pages will rank in search engines and be another great way for people to find your Practice when looking for dental services in any given area. This will lead to more traffic on your personal website and ultimately even more new patients for all of you!
Please contact [email protected] to start customizing your landing page today!

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