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CALL US 866-845-2995

Crestwood Invisalign® Preferred Provider

At Ellis Dental we are a preferred Crestwood Invisalign® provider, helping patients achieve a confident smile.

If you have a problem with your smile due to misaligned teeth or other serious dental problems Invisalign® is your solution. A set of custom-made clear aligners that are comfortable, invisibly fit over your teeth to gradually shift them into place. No metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. Traditional metal and ceramic braces can cause tooth decay, plaque buildup, tooth discoloration, and difficulty eating, not to mention making you more self-conscious about your appearance. Ellis Dental is a Crestwood Invisalign® provider, offering a modern alternative to traditional braces. Visit us today for your first fitting.



Dr. Holly Ellis

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Straighten your teeth and treat a variety of cases including crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite, and underbite. Remove the aligners when you want to eat the foods you enjoy, and to brush and floss your teeth normally. Unlike sharp metal braces, Invisalign® is made of smooth, comfortable plastic that won’t irritate your cheeks and gums. Also free up your busy schedule with office visits only every four to six weeks.

With the extremely low profile, patients feel comfortable wearing Invisalign® aligners in public. Most people won’t even know you’re in the process of having your teeth straightened. A great option for someone with an upcoming special occasion such as wedding or graduation. Great for kids, teens, and adults—check out patient videos about their experiences during the process.

Smile Advantage

Dr. Ellis was honored as a top dentist under 40 in America, voted one of St. Louis’ top dentists from 2012 to 2016, preferred Invisalign provider and associate fellowship status at the World Clinical Laser Institute. She is also a member of several organizations including the American Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association, and the Greater St. Louis Dental Association. In addition, Dr. Ellis also gives back to impoverished communities by participating in the Give Kids a Smile program which is a humanitarian dental mission that brings oral health treatment to those in need.


  • Up to 2 exams, Routine Cleanings, & Necessary X-rays
  • 1 Emergency Care Visit: Exam
    Necessary X-rays
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Up to 2 Fluoride Treatments When Indicated
  • 1 Cosmetic Consultation
  • Free Nitrous Oxide
  • $200 Off Sleep Apnea Appliance
  • Full Mouth Whitening – Only $149
  • 15% Discount on All Other Dental Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you develop the Smile Advantage Plan?
We’ve found that more and more of our patients are not getting the care they deserve, due to the reduced or lack of employer-provided dental health coverages. There is a misconception that you can’t go to the dentist if you don’t have insurance. Routine exams and basic cleanings at the dentist’s office can prevent most oral health problems from arising and can even prevent other serious and life-threatening systemic health concerns from developing.


Do I have to be an existing patient?
No. One of the benefits of the plan is no waiting period, caps or enrollment limitations. The plan is open to new and existing patients, single adults to the whole family. Take comfort in knowing that we take pride in making sure your experience is a relaxed and enjoyable or pleasant one.


Are there any family discounts?
We currently do not offer any family plans. The adult and child pricing plans are specifically designed to provide the best savings possible while providing the necessary preventative care each person deserve.


My employer suggested I take advantage of the plan. Now what do I do?
If you are applying for Smile Advantage through an employer-supported promotion, the process remains the same. Click HERE to download the application to complete and send back to the office.


Do you offer any payment plans?
Give us a call, it is possible to divide up your annual membership fee into monthly payments with an initial processing fee (per household).


How do I apply?
If the benefits of the Smile Advantage Plan make sense for you, simply Download our form. Please complete the application and annual contract to 10296 Big Bend, Suite 2K St. Louis, MO 63122


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