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NEW Website Launches

posted on April 20, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan

New Website Launch

The Smile Advantage team is thrilled to announce that our new website, that we’ve spent months updating, finally launched this month! Our talented and knowledgeable team at 4 Site Digital spent a long time perfecting our new site to drive more traffic to Smile Advantage and all of our participating offices. We are in the process of creating customized landing pages for all of our active dentists and specialists as well. This will allow people to learn more about these Practices and be one step closer to becoming a new patient with one of our participating Smile Advantage Providers. Our new website is also very user/mobile friendly and with all of the efforts we are making with SEO, we expect to start seeing our website at the top of all relevant Google searches.

4 Site Digital has a lot of digital marketing expertise to offer. They are offering to do free website audits & fix-ups to any participating Smile Advantage office. Please take advantage of this tremendous offer! The team at 4 Site Digital is trained and skilled in finding ways to drive traffic to your site and improve your overall SEO score, creating an effective online presence for your office. In addition to the free website audits and fix-ups, they are also offering additional marketing packages as well, at discounted rates. For more information, please contact Kevin Heun at 636-720-0703.

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