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Are you tired of…

– Filing claims?
– Piles of EOB’s?
– Pre-Authorizations?
– Denials of coverage?
– Profits being squeezed by fee schedules?

Are your patients…

– Confused & frustrated with their dental insurance?
– Paying high fees?
– Not getting the care they need?

“Dentists are losing money on PPO patients because of contractual write-offs. In-Office Membership plans allow Dentists to swim with the sharks and not be devoured.”

– Dr. Charles Blair, DDS

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Smile Advantage is an in-office dental savings program, backed by proven success!

We assure that you’ll see incredible revenue growth, all while providing a much-needed community service. The offices that are participating in the Smile Advantage program are seeing dramatic results in attracting new patients, growing a larger patient base of fee for service patients, retaining existing patients, reactivating lost patients, converting insured patients, and increasing overall patient compliance.

Once implemented, you can expect to see the following benefits in your practice!

  • Gain new patients
  • Retain existing patients
  • Increase treatment acceptance
  • Reactivate old patients
  • Turn emergency patients into lifelong patients
  • Convert insurance patients & eliminate PPO drop-outs
  • Become less insurance dependent & increase your “fee for service”, cash-paying patients
  • Effective & Inexpensive way to market and grow your practice while increasing overall value
  • Set your own fees & keep 100% of the profit
  • Generate recurring revenue
  • Keep the relationship between you & your patient
  • Take back control & deliver quality dentistry
  • Set yourself apart by providing valuable & affordable patient care

So what makes Smile Advantage different from the rest?


  • Easy-to-use registration & tracking software
  • Software allows patients to pay by with cash, check and charge with opt-in/opt-out options

Cost & Fees

  • No administrative fees to utilize software
  • One low monthly membership cost, regardless of how many members
  • Where other companies charge 10% fees per member


  • Initial Team Training and ongoing, unlimited support
  • Setup instructions for how to track
  • Training on how to internally manage program within your patient software systems

Added Benefits

  • Rebates and discounts
  • Involvement of referring Specialists to extend a member patient’s discount
  • Customized marketing materials and strategies/implementation

The #1 reason people avoid the dentist is insurance or financial barriers.

28% of the population is currently without dental insurance…
That’s 92 million people that would likely appreciate an affordable dental care option. 

89% of uninsured patients have stated they are interested in purchasing dental benefits but don’t because they are too costly and complex.

Offering a low monthly fee eliminates sticker shock and creates an environment where patients know what to expect and they know they are covered… Leading to higher retention rates and happier patients.


It’s not just your practice that benefits, your patients do too!

Offering your patients an affordable alternative to Dental Insurance will promote their overall oral health and incentivize treatment.  We all know that dental insurance can be confusing and can leave them paying more out-of-pocket than they need. The Smile Advantage Plan takes the guesswork out of their dental coverage and gives them a plan that provides the dental care they need at a price they can afford.

You know what they say… Happy Patients, Happy Practice!

  • Access to quality care at an affordable price
  • Ability to drop insurance plans and have an alternative to turn to
  • Take control of their oral health – no longer told what they can or cannot have
  • Encourages them to maintain their oral health
  • Incentivizes them to accept proposed treatment
  • No estimated out-of-pocket expenses – Predictability and awareness helps with budgeting

Dental Practice Case Study for : OAKVILLE DENTAL CARE

Below are the real results from Oakville Dental Care, who implemented the Smile Advantage Plan.

Increase Revenue Through Memberships

18 Months after implementing the Smile Advantage Plan, Oakville Dental Care signed up 301 patients and added a $109,949 in revenue in memberships fees alone.


Increase Treatment Acceptance

18 Months after implementing the Smile Advantage Plan, Oakville Dental Care proposed $240,000 in treatment to their member patients and $220,708 in treatment was accepted and completed, which is an 87% treatment acceptance rate.


Total Revenue Opportunity

In just 18 Months, Oakville Dental Care generated an incremental revenue of $330,657 from their membership program alone (membership fees paid + accepted/completed treatment).

Now, Oakville Dental Care has 13% of their active patient base signed up to their program!  These are loyal patients who are coming in regularly for routine appointments and accepting the treatment proposed.


Increase Number Of Patients

In 18 Months, the Smile Advantage Program allowed Oakville Dental Care to increase their patient load by adding 74 new patients and re-activated 27 “lost” patients, who had been missing from their re-care schedules.


Don’t just take our word for it.
See what real dental practices have to say about Smile Advantage!

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