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Smile Advantage User Group Meeting – March 2016

posted on May 18, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan


At the end of March, some of our Smile Advantage offices came together to discuss the successes they have seen in their Practices. Representatives from these offices met at the Patterson Dental Branch in Hazelwood to enjoy some Imo’s and collaborate with other local offices.

Many great reminders were brought up as well as some awesome new ways to integrate Smile Advantage into your Practice.
Important Reminders About the Benefits of Smile Advantage Include:
– Discussing Smile Advantage with ALL of you patients, not just your patients without insurance. The awareness of the Plan and having it be part of the Practice culture is the most effective way to be prepared to present to new patients and to encourage internal referrals.
– To offices and patients: you are NOT stuck with insurance, there are others ways to provide/receive dental coverage.
– This program allows doctors the availability to do procedures without restraint from the insurance companies.
– There are approximately 114 million people who currently do not have dental coverage.
– Smile Advantage is a way to gain patients for life, not simply for a procedure. Encourages retention and relationships.
– Don’t hesitate to start a conversation with a patient about Smile Advantage; you never know when they may choose to sign up.
– Make sure EVERYONE in the office is educated on Smile Advantage, including dental hygienists. They can discuss the plan while patients are receiving their cleanings.
– Remind patients that there are NO WAITING PERIODS with Smile Advantage memberships. There are also no yearly maximums, frequencies or other limitations – it’s better than insurance!
New Ideas of How to Further Integrate Smile Advantage into Your Practice:
– Let patients know that being part of Smile Advantage allows them to make their own decisions about their oral health, eliminates the third party dictating what patients can and cannot have. Smile Advantage puts the patients back in control of his/her health.
– Let patients that call about an emergency visit know about the Smile Advantage plan. An emergency visit is covered in the plan AND they can come back to get their cleanings.
– At the end of the year when patients are signing up for insurance plans, encourage them to sign up for Smile Advantage instead of their dental insurance plans. Offer to provide a comparison analysis (use the comparison graph) to show them the overall benefits and savings of this great alternative.
– Host a Smile Advantage Members’ Appreciation event in your Practice.
– Visit with local retirement communities and offer to host a “wine, cheese and in-office membership” event to educate the community about this new concept and promote your Practice.
– Offices are using Smile Advantage Memberships as a way for patients to get reimbursed for Medicare, Gold Advantage, and Coventry.
– Create a “Smile” card for patients to hand out to family and friends that could benefit from the program. Ask for referrals from existing patients regardless of whether or not they are members. They may know someone that could benefit even if they have decent insurance.
Thank you to all the offices who participated in the user group meeting! We look forward to speaking with more of you about ways you have had success with Smile Advantage in your Practice!

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