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Dental Membership Plan Details

An insurance alternative and a healthier smile is within reach!

About Smile Advantage

Smile Advantage represents dental offices across the nation, offering membership-based dental savings plans that provide the quality care you deserve at a price you can afford. Members pay a low-cost, affordable fee to receive regular exams, cleanings and X-rays along with access to significantly reduced rates on additional dental procedures. Plus, plans offer many benefits including no annual caps, no limits and no waiting periods. This provides quick access to the care you need!

Smile Advantage helps to reduce overall dental costs for member patients. This ensures access to top quality dental care when you need it. Plus, you’ll have access to Specialists to receive additional discounts. Thanks Smile Advantage, the quality care you deserve is now available at a bigger savings than you ever imagined possible!





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Smile Advantage provides access to quality, affordable dental care without dealing with the hassles of dental insurance. Smile Advantage allows you to take control of your oral health. It’s perfect for…well, everyone! –employed without dental benefits, retired Seniors, small business owners and their employees, and families, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smile Advantage?
Smile Advantage is a membership-based, dental savings plan. It makes going to the dentist easy and affordable without the need for dental insurance.
Which dental offices accept Smile Advantage?
Dental offices offering a Smile Advantage membership program are expanding across the nation. Smile Advantage can be offered anywhere. For more information on locations, please click here.
Why was Smile Advantage created?
More and more patients are choosing not to visit a dentist due to expensive fees or a lack of dental insurance. Routine exams and basic cleanings at the dentist’s office can prevent most oral health problems from arising and can even prevent other serious and life-threatening systemic health concerns from developing.
My employer suggested I take advantage of the plan. Now what do I do?
If you are applying for Smile Advantage through an employer-supported promotion, the process remains the same. Simply visit our location page and find a location near you. Then you can download and complete the official forms.
Do you offer any payment plans?
Yes, many offices offer payment plans. If you choose, those participating offices will divide up your membership fee into monthly payments.
How do I apply?
If the benefits of Smile Advantage makes sense for you, simply visit our location page to find a participating office near you.