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Vendor Recognition

posted on April 20, 2016 by Smile Advantage Plan


Smile Advantage is proud of the great partnerships we have formed with companies such as Patterson Dental, 3M and Crest/Oral B.  These companies have been and continue to be a major support network in helping us to promote and expand our concept, ultimately helping us to grow our network.  The increased awareness will help to market all dentists involved and bring that much more success to their Practices.

They are also helping to sponsor CE events for our Smile Advantage member offices as well.  We recognize the importance of these events and want to help provide your team with opportunities to gain free credits.  Our first CE event at the Ritz Carlton, this past January, was a huge success.  We are currently in the process of scheduling a hygiene event on June 24, here in St. Louis.  More details to come in our May newsletter.  Just remember to save the date, as both doctors and hygienists will be invited to attend this event for free.

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